I'm Oscar

Frontend Developer & Technical Writer

I build websites, and write detailed articles
for frontend developers, and DevOps engineers.

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About Me

I'm a frontend web developer and technical writer. I have experience working with HTML, CSS, JavaScript(Vanilla, ReactJs, and jQuery). I can also work with Tailwind CSS and Bootstrap. I've being a web developer since 2020.

I build websites with a focus on them being user-friendly, responsive, and having pleasing aesthetics

The world is becoming more digital and, this digital space is filled with endless possibilities, let's explore it together!

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I provide the following services

Web development

I build responsive, mobile friendly websites for different purposes.

Technical Writing

I write clear and concise articles that are easy to understand.


Minimal graphics for social media posts. Logos and wallpapers.


My Expertise


Hypertext Markup Language.


Tailwind CSS and Bootstrap.


Vanilla Js, React, and jQuery.


Content Management System.


Technical Writing.


Articles and Projects

LogRocket Blog

Understanding animation and transition timing functions in CSS. Learn how they control the behaviour of animations over a specific duration of time.

Feburary 2022
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Change failure rate: What is it, and what is a good rate? In this post, you’ll see how it’s measured, what’s a good rate, and what to do with failures.

Feburary 2022
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LogRocket Blog

3 ways to style CSS box-shadow effects. Learn how to use the CSS box-shadow property to create unique shadows in this detailed tutorial.

Feburary 2022
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LogRocket Blog

Learn how to make your CSS header texts cool and cross-browser compatible with this detailed, interactive tutorial with images.

Feburary 2022
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All you should know about mean time to restore. Learn about this metric that shows how effective a team is at fixing problems.

Feburary 2022
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Alvaro Trigo’s Blog

How to Create CSS Animations on Scroll. Learn how to trigger CSS animations on scroll in this article.

November 2021
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Platform for hostel management among Nigerian students.

HTML, CSS, Js and Bootstrap


Business management software to help micro, small and medium scale enterprises effectively manage their daily business activitess.

HTML, CSS, Vanilla Js and jQuery